Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cover Reveal!

Racing to Love ~ Eli's Honor
Amy Gregory

Coming July 11th 2013!

How can you miss something you never had?
Retired pro motocross racer Eli Hunter had it all.  That’s how he chose to look at things.  A sport he loved, one that his entire world revolved around.  He had been catapulted to rock star status and Eli drank in every minute of it.  He loved the bikes, the tracks, the practices, sweat, hard work, training, dirt, rain, hundred degree heat, Eli loved it all.  Even…when it almost killed him.
Coming full circle, Eli now was part owner and trainer at The Noland SFH Racing Academy.  Spending his time teaching future racers about a sport he adored, helping to form them into what he once was.  The academy saved him from himself, saved him from a depression that could have sent him on a freefall.   For the last three years Eli focused on two things, the academy and his broken body.  Spending all day, every day building both up, and thinking of nothing else.  The end result, the school had taken off, and he could walk. 
It wasn’t until he sat across from a prospective student and his young widowed mother that Eli realized exactly what had been missing in his otherwise complete life.  Eli had been witness to his best friends Carter and Jesse, watching as they found women that made them whole.  He hadn’t had time to miss that for himself, not when walking again had been so important.  Not when proving the doctors wrong by putting his butt back in the seat of a bike had been monumental.
But now?  Those long auburn curls and shy violet eyes were the answer to his unspoken prayers.  

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