Our Authors

A. L. Jackson

A. L. Jackson

Tragic Beginnings, Fairy Tale Endings

Amy Gregory

At some point in your life your heart takes over, the next thing you know you’re – Racing to Love

Anna Silver

Where Worlds Collide

Blue Remy

Fairy Tales your Momma should have warned you about

Carrie Butler

Love Amidst Chaos

Dana Mason

Sometimes Love is Worth the Risk

Elizabeth Arroyo

The demons want her. The angels fear her. She is The Second Sign.

Gary Kassay

Suspense filled, plot-twisting murders, investigated in a New York way

Jane Lark

Can love redeem a life of sin?

J. K. Hogan

Finding extraordinary magic in everyday life

Kelley Lynn

YA author of Fraction of Stone

Linn B. Halton

Life, love and beyond...but it's ALWAYS about the romance!

Lisa Regan

From the darkness of the past, fear comes calling

Mandy Baggot

Strong contemporary romance and characters you’ll fall in love with!

Mike Pace


Nancy S. Thompson

The hell of revenge, the hope of redemption - Here in lies the story

Natasha Hanova

Survival depends on loyalty and love

Nicky Wells

Romance that rocks your world!

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