Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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We’re kicking off the brand new blog with great news from Sapphire Star!

This week, A.L. Jackson’s contemporary romance, TAKE THIS REGRET, hit the Amazon Top 100 in paid Kindle.

In thank you, A. L. Jackson has announced she will be writing a free novella, which will be a prequel to Take This Regret.

A little peek inside Take This Regret
Take This Regret

I had no idea what I believed anymore or where I stood. A door had been opened, a line crossed, and I couldn’t decide how I felt about it. I knew I’d let it happen, had been a partner to it, had even pushed for it. How easy it would have been to call my mother or my older sister when Matthew’s phone had gone to voicemail.

But no, I’d called Christian.
In the time it had taken him to drive to our house, I’d agonized over that decision, what kind of mistake I was making, and its ultimate effect on my daughter. Did I still believe he would harm her?

Then when he’d knelt before her, his worry and tenderness enough to engulf us both, enough to chase away my baby’s fears and assuage the panic pounding against my chest, I’d thought, No. He never would.

It wasn’t difficult to trace it back to its origin, to the moment I’d sat beside Claire and she’d made me question everything I’d held onto for so long, everything I thought I understood.

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